Building successful and long lasting relationships is very important to us at Global Fresh and indeed, we are only as successful as our relationship with growers.

Having been active in the industry for over 20 years, we know what's important to all of our suppliers and this helps us identify what quality services are required.

We are strong believers in being open and honest with both growers and customers alike. We operate grower trusts with representation from both the company and growers to ensure that we maintain the transparent transfer of information in all areas of the production and marketing chains. In this way, we involve the grower beyond the orchard gate.

We offer growers a full orchard service, starting with orchard mapping and extending to every aspect of the growing procedure. We personally monitor and test fruit progress. We design and administer tried and proven spray programmes. We ensure fruit meets market and customer requirements such as the strict spray residue parameters of the NutriClean® programme.

Our relationships with customers are designed to generate competitive and timely orchard gate returns to growers, backed up with regular communication on market related developments and issues.

We appreciate that growers aren't ours as of right, but we at Global Fresh work hard to build long lasting relationships through which both parties stand to benefit.

To maximise the benefit of a strong and loyal supply base, Global Fresh has always held a 'customer led' philosophy in market development.

The customer relationship must be in harmony with the supply relationship.

Global Fresh offers its customers an integrated orchard to supermarket shelf structure, making the supply as seamless and efficient as possible.

Our retail customers gain comfort from the knowledge that the entire production and post-harvest chain is managed by one organisation. The security is enhanced by the fact that our post-harvest service providers have a strong quality ethic, following strictly audited food safety programmes.

Providing a comprehensive and integrated delivery structure, Global Fresh brings the retail or supermarket chain closer to its grower production and supply base.

Global Fresh only works with growers who can produce the highest quality in each of our product ranges. Each shipment must meet the highest of Industry Quality Assurance standards and product is inspected prior to departure, to ensure both regulatory and customer requirements alike are met at all times.

Talk to us about your requirements. We have a history of creating successful supply and marketing programmes, tailored to specific customer needs.