Global Fresh has established an extensive and valued customer base that reaches to all continents of the world.

We understand the needs and logistical requirements of the retail, wholesale and food service market segments and we have a history of tailoring marketing programmes that achieve the expectations of the consumer.



Global Fresh New Zealand sells an ever increasing range of premium fresh produce to wholesale and retail customers throughout Australia.

Global Fresh also supplies the non supermarket fruit sizes to its wholesale market customers who target smaller specialist retailers as well as the food service and hospitality trade. These wholesalers are situated in the main market centres of each state.

North America

Global Fresh New Zealand's export programme to North America is based around supplying the highest quality fresh produce sourced from preferred growing regions. We spread our marketing efforts on both West and East Coasts to ensure a wider exposure of our brand to the trade. We ship direct to our customers who have a strong retail presence close to the port of entry. We believe that gives our customers a product that they can be confident in selling in a realistic timeframe and one that creates a favourable impression on the consumer.

Although our primary focus is on retail, we do have a strong presence with the food service trade and have developed a solid customer base that places our fruit to best advantage of our suppliers.

Global Fresh New Zealand's innovative approach to this market is best shown in introducing a NutriClean® Apple, Avocado and Kiwifruit programme to selected West Coast retailers. Global Fresh was the first exporter in New Zealand to identify this market opportunity.

In 2003, Global Fresh in partnership with our parent company, supplied New Zealand kiwifruit under a Nutriclean® program through Zespri International to Raley’s supermarket chain in Northern California.

In shipping fruit to the Port of Philadelphia in 2001, Global Fresh New Zealand broke new ground in shipping direct to the Eastern Seaboard. This enabled New Zealand Avocados a prominent position at retail and created further opportunities in the food service industry in this region.

United Kingdom & Europe

Global Fresh identified opportunities in this market for New Zealand avocados and in 2000 shipped a trial order to one of the United Kingdom's premier supermarket chains, the Waitrose Group. The resulting outturn was a success and encouraged further shipments in following seasons. This was a first for the New Zealand Avocado Industry and this opportunity opened the doors for subsequent shipments to the Continent, utilising an efficient seafreight liner service discharging at Antwerp.

In recent years Global Fresh has developed a customer base that extends its product range to include apples to these markets. In 2003 we shipped our first apple consignments to the United Kingdom and have further developed our business over the past 5 years in partnership with entrepreneurial and progressive market agent DG Fruit UK Ltd.

We received favourable feedback from one of the United Kingdom's main supermarket group, Marks and Spencer on the arrival of a consignment of BayFresh avocados in 2003. Comment was made that the colour, texture and flavour of New Zealand avocados was the best the buying team from this chain have seen or tasted for years.

We ship avocados in a specially designed 4kg tray where fruit is place packed and shipped in 40' CA containers. All fruit undergoes a pre shipment survey before departure and we ask independent assessment of fruit condition on outturn.


Global Fresh New Zealand has an established a customer base throughout North and South East Asia as well as Japan.

Although these markets handle modest volumes of avocados and apples, we are continually working to expand our customer capacity in these markets as we expect larger volumes of New Zealand avocados to come on stream in the seasons ahead.

Until now our ability to pursue new markets in Asia has been restricted by a lack of volume. As our avocado industry evolves, with new plantings coming into production, we will be better positioned to continue our market development initiatives with a strategy geared around our total product mix inclusive of apples, berry fruit and other emerging products.

Our subsidary Just Avocados Ltd is a partner in Avanza Ltd, the collaborative export marketing group handling around 80% of New Zealands evocados. Our Exports to Japan and Asia are packed with Avanza label.